April 17 - May 22 2005: down under trip to New Zealand, Australia and Malaysia

Very short and very incomplete overview....

New Zealand

The bach in Whitianga: Buchis luxury & cosy residence: "You don't know what you miss"

"we take it for granted..."

view on Yvonnes former lot

Emergency beer-stop between Thames and Te Puru: "Are we slooooowww drinkers - aren't we...?!?"

Coromandel peninsula

The Brown Farmers...

Ron & Glorias farm

Sorry, you are too late madam, hi hi hi!


Cape tribulation

Daintree rainforest

Spirit of Freedom: trip to the Great Barrier Reef, Coral Sea and the Osprey reef (night diving on the SOD)

Kwell keeps you well -- dream on...

Scone and Yvonne: "I don't eat that shit"


Kuala Lumpur, Petronas towers

Kuala Lumpur, Friday mosque

Sipadan - Mabul: oh yeah! After diving in Sipadan you either abdandon diving or you will come back
"Dound dheis dhöddel!"
"Don't chase the big things - they will come after you!"
"We eat all"
Wetter in Tawau

sea gypsies living on Mabul

Oh yes: Sipadan in front of you

Tiger Beer on Mabul

Diving Sipadan

more diving Sipadan...