Guatemala and Honduras trip -- March/April 1997

The situation...

This looks really like Central America, isn't it?!?

A streetvendor on the stairs of a church somewhere in Guatemala, selling delicious fried pig skin, one of the countries specialities

IF you prefer meat: no problem

Pay with bloody stinking Quetzales......

Ruins of Copàn, Honduras

Ruins of Tikal, VERY early in the morning (around 6 am!)


West End, Roatàn, Honduras

Mainstreet at West End

Here we see Küse preparing a "Coco Loco"

Birthday on Roatàn...

The buddies Küse & Siffi

WestEnd Beach Roatàn

public transportation...

Here - as you clearly see - we are in the jungle area of Péten, Guatemala, in the night-camp, surrounded by monkeys, parrots, spiders, mosquitos & snakes and the ghost of the big maya

Our dinner in the jungle of Peten...... Margreth enjoys the fried snake (well, at least it looked like a fried snake :-)

Flores, a nice small village build on an island in the lake of Flores (Péten area)

Men of Todos Santos, wearing their typical clothes...